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Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub

Transilvania DIH strives to put communities and their needs at the heart of innovation, developing and experimenting with projects and services that involves smart approaches. The main key is to explore a project or an idea from as many angles and perspectives as possible and in order to do this, we involve in the designing phase the private and public sector, academia, users and other interested parties that will have a direct interaction with it.

In order to ensure the flow of innovation and the integration of all parts in the decision-making process, in the exploration phase of the project we get together with all the actors that will interact with it and involve them in the design phase so we will have a more complex overview upon the idea.

A relevant example in this scenario is the participatory budgeting platform, developed along with private companies, public authorities, representatives of Universities and also citizens. Due to the need of getting more involved into developing an innovative ecosystem using the Quadruple Helix model, we have addressed concerns for user experience and shared our findings, thus developing a user-friendly and adaptive platform where citizens and not only can upload projects that will help their community and vote the most innovative ones or the ones that answer to multiple challenges.

The initiative is built to support an efficient technological development and also to provide expertise and technology to industry, mainly to companies from different sectors of activity, clusters, academia and local public authorities. This is meant to increase the competitiveness of the regional economy.

Given the dynamic of the IT industry, Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub brings added value by the fact that we interlink the IT companies from region with other companies that activate in other fields of activity and non-IT companies. The creation of these synergies and links represent a step of a technological development oriented to existing products in various sectors of activity, from education and creative industries to health and agriculture. Digitization of industry is one of the future priorities in our region and this will be achieved through the existing close collaboration for more than four years between the clusters, members of the Transilvanian Clusters Consortium: energy efficiency, furniture, creative industries, agriculture, new materials, etc).

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