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Study of the IT & C Sector in Cluj – National Comparative Analysis


“Project developed with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council”


ARIES Transilvania (Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software) and iTech Transilvania Cluster, located on no. 4 Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard, Cluj-Napoca, announces the implementation of the “Study of the IT & C Sector in Cluj – National Comparative Analysis” project.

The project was financed from local budget, based on 350/2005 law and on the Regulation regarding Irredeemable Funding from the Local Budget, allocated for non-profit activities of general interested, and it was implemented in Cluj-Napoca county.

Context: The positive dynamic of the IT & C sector, is ranking Cluj among the first places as a national growing pol in this field of activity. The relevance of the IT sector is in its implication and involvement in the other sectors, being called the support industry which is increasing efficiency in the delivering of services and products and also the industry which activates the other sectors. The data analysis shows the growth potential of the IT companies in Cluj, and the utility of technology presents the advantages for the citizens, facilitating the connection between citizens and governments / local authorities in all important fields: economic, administrative, medical, cultural, educational, etc.

The purpose of this project was to make an analysis on the IT market from Cluj county – the main industry. This study brought a significant contribution on the levels of visibility of Cluj, but also an increase of interest of different actors on the development of the IT sector, in developing future strategies and in analyzing the innovation potential among the IT companies.

Main activities:
  • research of the market;
  • consultancy of relevant actors;
  • elaboration of the study;
  • dissemination of the main results;
Results of the project:
  • writing the IT study;
  • printing 2.000 copies to promote it at local, national and international level;
The study will be available at the following address:

For more information:

Contact Person: Bianca Muntean
Position: Executive Director
Phone: 0264.430.520

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