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SEETEST 2019 program has been announced

The organizers of SEETEST 2019 have revealed that the official program for the conference has now been released!

SEETEST is one of the biggest software testing conferences in the South East European region and aims at popularizing the domain and its importance. The venue is chosen on a rotating principle between the countries included in SEETB (South East European Testing Board) – Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. This year the conference will take place in Bucharest, Romania on September 25-26.

For everyone familiar with the conference, the popularity of the speakers and the engaging talks at SEETEST are already known. Topics are chosen to reflect all the latest trends and novelties in software testing and include real-life cases and solutions to issues that software testers, managers, engineers etc. often come across. As well as already established veterans in the industry, SEETEST also gives a platform to up and coming fresh new voices to share their thoughts and experiences.

This year, there’s another addition to the conference – it will feature four, instead of three tracks, giving even more choices for available topics. Attendees will have the pleasure of listening to Paul Gerrard and his tutorial ‘Problem Solving for Testers’ ; Vipul Kocher with the ‘Basics of AI and AI in testing’; learn more about ‘Exploratory Testing’ from Jan Jaap Cannegieter; or let Olivier Denoo convince you that ‘Agile is Human’. Also, Andy Redwood will tell us ‘How Should We Be Thinking in Order to Test to Different Risk Levels’, we can hear about the ‘Transition from Traditional to Agile Tester’ from Alon Linetzki, enjoy Michaël Pilaeten’s ‘Practical Test Design Techniques’, or learn how to ‘Reach Your Goals Faster with a Metrics Dashboard’ from Pablo Garcia Munos.

On the second day of the conference there’s also a whole host of thought-provoking session talks, the selection being a courtesy of SEETEST’s Program Committee, who had the tough choice of choosing from 85 submissions from 20 countries, and narrowing it down to just the 20 best sessions.

SEETEST is an experience in itself, and currently tickets are 20% off until July 15. Take advantage of the Early Bird campaign and sign up to join the two-day signature software testing event. You can check the full conference program here:

and buy a ticket here:

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