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The purpose of Enterprise Europe Network is to help SME’s to develop their innovation potential, to identify foreign partners and to bring in mind the Commission’s policies: this initiative offers support and consultancy to entrepreneurs, being the biggest network in the world that supports SMEs.

General objective: creating a network for business and innovation in developing region North-West and Center, as it is appropriate to a type 1 Macroregion. Through a consortium of 7 members, it was proposed an innovative approach and a better sight to the SME sector.

Our consortium made out of 7 members offers trough it’s specialists information, feedback, cooperation in business and internationalization services, innovation, services of technological transfer, services to support and sustain the participation of SME’s in the program Horizon 2020.

BISNet Transylvania is part of Enterprise Europe Network, the largest network in Europe which offers consultancy and informative services. These are available to the commercial society, regardless of it’s activity, but it’s main objectives are MMI’s, Universities, research centers, tech centers, development agencies for businesses and innovation.

Although it’s not possible to provide funds directly to companies, this network can explain the possibility of funding that exists in different EU programs. This network wants to encourage the community based on local knowledge and economic development, in all Europe.

Services: Partnership providers:

ARIES Transilvania can help you in finding and creating connections with competent partners. EEN’s database has thousands of collaboration profiles of the companies from European Union, interested at the same time in finding the perfect partner.

Technological transfer:

ARIES Transilvania will offer you the needed support in order to satisfy the need of resources in the domain of technologies and innovation for the development of businesses and to sustain the technology exchange.

Using the biggest database in Europe, containing more than 13.000 profiles, EEN, reunites research and the economic sector-the database is weekly updated with new profiles.

Research: the possibility to enter in research partnerships

In this project, ARIES Transilvania supports the innovative companies by providing specific services: technology and technology exchange, attending matchmaking and broker events, support services for SME’s in order for them to participate to Research and Innovation Program (European Commission).

In this EEN network are 3 categories of profiles, divided in 5 tipes: I. Business profiles: 1. Business OFFER (BO) 2. Business REQUEST (BR) II. Technology profiles: 3. Technology OFFER (TO) 4. Technology REQUEST (TR) III. Research & Development profiles: 5. Research & Development REQUEST (RDR) Technology Offer-profile template Business Offer-profile template For more information: