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Goals, activity, objectives

ARIES Transilvania Activities

ARIES TRANSILVANIA wants to carry out activities such:

  • representation of opinions, points of view and experience of its members in matters regarding information and communication technology developments and evolution in Romania;
  • representation the common legal interests of the ICT community before the public authorities;
  • involvement of ARIES Transylvania in defining and implementing the Romanian society informatization strategy for the North-West;
  • promoting and stimulating original developments in ICT by organizing conferences, debates, workshops, symposia, colloquia, seminars, congresses and any other actions that contribute to the development of this field in Romania;
  • promoting and facilitating ICT business by organizing regular meetings between users and providers of industry-specific products;
  • promotion through media and regular professional events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) of high performance products indigenous or foreign;
  • promoting quality standards in the field;
  • achieve a close link between academia and ICT user / providers;
  • ensure putting in labor law provisions on the classification of specific ICT functions, preventing occupational diseases etc;
  • promote active collaboration and scientific and technological exchange between Transylvania ARIES members and companies, associations, specialized institutions and other bodies, scientists from abroad;
  • encouraging and supporting ARIES Transilvania members to take an active part in national and international scientific life in ICT;