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About us

ARIES (Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software) is the largest and most influential organization created for the IT&C industry in Romania, a voice that supports the interests of its members both in Romania and abroad, with more than 250 member companies, educational institutions, and organizations support. Also, ARIES through its subsidiaries – Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov and Iasi is considered the largest association of its kind in Southeast Europe.

The biggest and most influential organization created for the ICT industry in Romania, ARIES  is a voice that supports the interests of the ICT field both at a national level and abroad. Considered the largest association of its kind in southeastern Europe, currently is the most important and credible source of information for the business community in ICT.

Transilvania Branch of ARIES is based in Cluj-Napoca and is composed of over 85 members such as: companies, representatives of local government, universities, research institutes, institutions catalyst and other regional and local innovation entities interested in sharing transfer of knowledge, best practices in R&D and business opportunities.

ARIES Transilvania has strong links and direct connections with the actors from Cluj-Napoca’s ecosystem like start-up communities, the local public authorities, software companies, tourism associations, universities, energy clusters.

The premise that ARIES Transilvania was established for is the support of the Romanian informational competitiveness in the same row with the other nations of the world, having a code of ethics to which all members subscribe.

ARIES Transilvania Community grew up along with SMEs and large enterprises in Romania and the industry continues to grow through innovation, partnerships, clustering, technical support and transportation technology, however communicated transparently for the members and through the mass-media.

Main activities:
  • Supporting business development;
  • Supporting the development of the information society;
  • Collaboration in the elaboration and implementation process of regional policies in IT area;
  • Facilitating connections between the ITC and electronics companies in the country and abroad, business connections;
  • Support for the development of entrepreneurial culture;
  • Creating of strategic partnerships;
  • Collaboration with academic environment in various fields of interest;
  • Supporting start-ups;
  • Creating a resource center to facilitate the access of companies to new and better training programs (technical and soft-skills) and cost efficiency for specialization and staff improvement;
  • Information for accessing European funds through various funding programs;
  • Organizing of thematic meetings for member entities;
  • Participation at fairs and exhibitions that are on agenda of Ministry of Economy and others proposed by members;
  • Promote our members through media and regular professional events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.);
  • Join us if you want quality service, information and business opportunities at home and abroad, lobbying national and local authorities and many others!