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To promote professional and commercial interests of ICT members from the Northwest region of Transylvania by strengthening their representativeness and authority at a national level.



To act on behalf of ICT producers , to contribute to the growth and promotion of information society in order to development this field in Romania.

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Promoting quality standards in the ICT field, representing the views related to information and communication technology evolution in Romania, stimulating developments in ICT.

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Well prepared human resources

Objective: development of an emerging cluster in human resources training in the advanced technologies field

Voicu Oprean

„Local and regional IT market will be truly competitive only when local companies will jointly develop innovative projects using both creativity and technical skills of our employees.“

Voicu OPREAN – President

BIANCA MUNTEAN Director Executiv

„Complementarity and collaboration in the ICT sector are two key ingredients in our development and integration in sectoral and regional European digital economy.“

Bianca MUNTEAN, Executive Director

25 NOV

Câţi bani face IT-ul românesc: 14.000 de companii, 75.500 de angajaţi şi venituri totale de 4 mld. euro

Circa 14.000 de companii IT îşi desfăşoară, în prezent, activitatea în România, iar aproximativ 50% dintre ele sunt localizate în Bucureşti şi Cluj-Napoca, arată …

14 JUL

"Creatori de viitor - Champions United" – exceptional youth will be rewarded at Cluj-Napoca

ARIES Transylvania is a partner at “Gala Performantei in educatie”, which will take place on July 22 2015, at Casino in Central Park Cluj-Napoca. This event is part of the


Through the ARIES Transilvania branch, members aim to boost activity in the ICT industry in Romania. Furthermore, members can get involved in activities related to IT sector, establish a collaboration between the companies and promote local interests nationally and internationally.

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National Coverage

90% national coverage ARIES is the only IT association with national coverage through its autonomous branches: Bucureşti, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, Craiova, Braşov şi Iaşi

FTE Growth

It is estimated that the full-time equivalent of member companies to increase by 17% over the next 5 years.

The profile of the companies

Over 75% of IT companies in the region are outsourcing companies. ARIES is supporting its 250 member companies across the country, specialised in electronics and ICT.


10 years of experience, from 1994 to 2004, in supporting ICT companies in Romania. iTech Transiylvania by ARIES Transilvania is the first cluster of human resources training in advanced technologies in Romania.