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Aries Transilvania implemented a pilot project aimed at increasing digital competences for seniors. The project is financed by Cluj – Napoca City Hall. The approach is the first of its kind in Romania and the project aims to ensure support in matters of digital needs to all the citizens of Cluj-Napoca, focusing on inclusion and making sure not one individual is a stranger to the benefits of technological advancements.

A smart city leaves no one behind and the elders are part of the local community. Carefully considering the digitalization needs of the senior citizens, the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Transilvania IT Cluster put together a PC training session that will help seniors pay their monthly bills, shop, socialize and more. More than 200 senior citizens were participating in and it is intended to extend the program.

Cluj – Napoca is renowned at regional, national, European and international levels as a center of technology and innovation. In this context, we consider it extremely important for citizens to increase digital skills with an impact on everyday life. While the younger generation is easily accustomed to new technologies, elderly citizens require additional help which prompted us to propose a set of training courses to increase their digital skills and introduce them to the world of IT. Following analysis of the data provided by the Cluj County Pension House there are over 65,000 pensioners in Cluj – Napoca. We believe it is important to align the competences of Cluj – Napoca citizens with trends of the future and the impact of digitalization is one of the core areas with impact on our daily lives. By offering a training program for seniors, we contribute to their inclusion in information societies and we increase their quality of life by keeping them informed and connected to their families and environment.

The objectives of the project is to offer a training program in IT technologies for seniors: computer, tablet, mobile phone and internet. We are mostly directing our attention to people with reduced mobilization who are the least acquainted to new technologies. Digital education will impact their quality of life the most by offering the possibility of new types of social encounters.

Main activities will consist of organizing computer courses for seniors and organizing project presentation events.

Project budget: RON 67,000

Implementation period: permanent

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