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Developing projects

Consultant organization in NEPTUNE project

Starting with 2017, ARIES Transilvania became consultant organization in NEPRUNE project, an innovation action project supported by the European Commission and its HORIZON 2020.

NEPTUNE aims at developing new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value-chains, including in particular SMEs, to foster the development of Blue Growth industries.

This development is based on the construction of new value chains and the reconfiguration of existing ones driven by the integration of new technologies and know-how between Water, Aerospace, ICT and Agriculture cluster actors/industries.

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Copernicus Relay

In November 2016, ARIES Transylvania, became part of Copernicus network, created by European Commission with the same name. By forming part of this network, ARIES Transilvania aims to target intermediate and end-user communities to promote Copernicus as a source of free, open and reliable satellite data to meet the needs of local public services and assist in the development of environmental services with high commercial potential by local entrepreneurs.

Through the Network of Copernicus Relays, the European Commission will work closely with stakeholders to promote the use of Copernicus data and information in each Copernicus participating country. The system, known as the Copernicus programme, collects data from multiple sources which include earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and seaborne sensors.

The members of this new community will be the representatives of Copernicus on the ground and will be promoting the benefits of the EU’s Earth Observation Programme. They will be the voice, but also the eyes and the ears, of the Commission at local and regional level to ensure that user needs are integrated into the Programme and to maximize its use at local and operational level.

It processes these data and provides users with reliable and up-to-date information through a set of services related to environmental and security issues. These services address six thematic areas: land, marine, atmosphere, climate change, emergency management and security. The Copernicus programme is coordinated and managed by the European Commission.

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EO ClimLab

Since October 2016, ARIES Transilvania implements a project named ClimLab Earth Observation (EO ClimLab), funded by ESA (European Space Agency). The aim of this project is to stimulate the development of new services and products based on the use of open data and Copernicus services, all of which are combined with local data.

The Earth Observation ClimLab (EO ClimLab) is a collaborative research e-environment enabling the rapid development and prototyping of new Earth Observation (EO)-based products aiming to support adaptation and mitigation to climate change across multi-disciplinary societal and business themes (e.g. agriculture, health, risk management, infrastructure maintenance, education, outreach).

The project will have a duration of 18 months, with partners from 3 different countries: Romania, Czech Republic and Poland. The partners from Romania are: ARIES Transilvania (Cluj-Napoca), Indeco Soft (Baia Mare) and AROBS Transilvania Software (Cluj-Napoca).

The purpose of the project is to popularize the use of information provided by satellites in order to create apps in Romania, Poland and Czech Republic, the final objective being the identifying of the most promising apps in order to support them and to be put to use. Mostly, it’s purpose is to develop commercial apps which will use the data provided by satellites.

The EO ClimLab can be seen as kind of “Fablab” environment providing developers with the data, tools and knowledge needed to develop new products and services to enhance climate resilience. The EO ClimLab can be operated by different organisations (e.g. incubators, techno park, local authorities, universities), which will have access to the EO ClimLab package described above including physical and virtual infrastructure and support.

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BISNet Transylvania – Enterprise Europe Network

ARIES Transilvania is a member of the European Commission’s Network -Enterprise Europe Network being a partner in the BISNet Transilvania consortium – Business and Innovation Support Network in Transylvania. The project is running for a period of six years and has the objective to offer support services for business and innovation, in North West and Centre Romania.

ARIES Transilvania supports the innovative companies from North-West region by providing specific services: technology requests and offers, support for technology transfer, participation in matchmaking events, internationalization, EU funding and other support services.

BISNet Transylvania is part of Entreprise Europe Network, the largest network in Europe which offers consultancy and informative services. These are available to the commercial society, regardless of its activity, but it’s main objectives are SME’s, universities, research centers, development agencies for businesses and innovation.

In this EEN network are 3 categories of profiles, divided in 5 types:

I. Business profiles – which include:

1. Business OFFER (BO)
2. Business REQUEST (BR)

II. Technology profiles – which include:

3. Technology OFFER (TO)
4. Technology REQUEST (TR)

III. Research & Development profiles – which include:

5. Research & Development REQUEST (RDR)

More details:

Regional contact point Horizon 2020

ARIES Transilvania was appointed regional point of contact for Horizon 2020 Tool for SMEs and Access to Risk Finance since May 2014

Horizon 2020 is a research and innovation program of the European Commission for development and growth of innovation capacity of SMEs in the region and has a total budget of 80 billion euros for 2014-2020.

As such, ARIES Transilvania is directly involved in outreaching activities and dissemination of information related to this program, encouraging SMEs in Northern Transylvania area to access the call sites to be launched under Horizon 2020, identifying partnerships and projects of interest.

At the actions initiated by ARIES Transilvania are invited to participate both member companies and other SMEs in the region interested in the areas covered by Horizon 2020.

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